Open Swims

Get in some extra practice and extra playtime with one of our three weekly open swims. The general community is welcome as well as FSS clients. 

*UPDATE* Tuesday and Friday morning Baby Open Swims are back!! 45-minute sessions are available for registration below. Registration is required to GUARANTEE a spot, but last-minute drop-ins will be accepted IF there is still space, on a first-come-first-served basis! To find out if there is drop-in availability, call the Open Swim’s location (PDX on Tuesday, Beaverton on Friday) and if there is still room you can pay when you arrive. (PLEASE NOTE we cannot guarantee or reserve drop-in spots in advance! There’s always a chance other swimmers might arrive before you do and fill up the Open Swim!)

Registration closes 12 hours before the event’s start time.

*NOTE* Friday Night Family Swim will remain on hiatus until further notice. 

Family Open Swim

When: Friday evenings 6:15–7:30pm
Where: Beaverton Location
Who: All ages, all abilities
Price: $4 per person
Phone: (503) 292-1255

Baby Open Swim (PDX)

When: Tuesdays 10:00–1:00pm
Where: PORTLAND location
•  10am-11:30am is for ages 1 month–5yrs (plus accompanying adults).
•  11:30am-1:00pm is an ALL AGES Family Swim!
Price: $4 per person
Phone: (503) 206-6317

Baby Open Swim (Beav)

When: Fridays 10:00am–1:00pm
Where: Beaverton location (small pool only)
Who: Ages 1 month–4yrs
(plus accompanying adults)
Price: $4 per person
*First Fridays a baby instructor is in the
water 10am–12pm to answer questions
and assist new swimmers.
Phone: (503) 292-1255


  • Swimmers new to FSS must fill out a recreation registration form before swimming.
  • Swimmers not yet potty-trained must wear a cloth reusable swim diaper.
  • Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult into the pool.
  • Instructor(s) supervising Family Swim are not necessarily lifeguard-certified.

Notes about Online Registration

Unfortunately, the below registration platform has proven a little problematic! Sometimes it won’t allow sign-ups even if spots are available. We are doing our best to fix this day-by-day, and we appreciate your patience and understanding.

If you encounter a problem signing up for an Open Swim that appears to have seats available:

1. Give it an hour, and try again! (Online signups close 2 hours before the Swim starts, so there would not be a situation where you’re signing up online last-minute.)

2. If it still isn’t working, send us an email through the address provided by Occasion. This will be the fastest way to get in touch with us, as those emails will come into our inbox tagged and time-stamped and can be prioritized by the office staff assigned to working Open Swim on that particular day.

4. On the day-of, if an event shows 0 seats left, there may still actually be availability! To check, call the Open Swim’s location (PDX Tuesdays, Beaverton Fridays). We will be able to tell you whether the swim is actually full, or whether the website is wrong and there is still space. HOWEVER, please note we cannot sign you up over the phone or guarantee a drop-in spot! Open Swim drop-ins are 100% first-come first-served, so it’s always possible that other hopeful drop-in swimmers will arrive before you do and take the opening!

Please note that registering over the phone is currently not an option.