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Natalie W: This place is LEGIT awesome. Their instructors are awesome and patient, the space is warm for the kids and the pool is warm, but what I *love* is the way they schedule their classes! None of this crazy having to buy/schedule a week straight of swimming classes. At Faber you can do drop ins for one on on classes for CHEAP (relative to other one on one classes). In like 3-5 one on one lessons your kid can master a lot of swimming techniques that would've taken them weeks in a group setting. I love everything about this place :)
Yelp July 16th, 2016

Courtney K: Everyone at the Farber Swim School has been amazing - and Cici is such a fantastic teacher! Our son, who is 6 months old, has already developed a love for the water. The teachers are great about letting the students learn at their own pace and there are plenty of techniques that are developed with each class. We highly recommend them!
Yelp July 8th, 2016

Michael P: Our kids enrolled for semi-private swim lessons last fall. The instructors did a great job getting my son to feel more comfortable in the water. We now feel better that he can "safety swim" which is the minimum we asked of him (he's not a water guy). My daughter is part fish and really connected with the facility and the staff. She went from her set of lessons to joining the peewee swim team (which she has thoroughly enjoyed).
Yelp June 21st, 2015

Kate L: I love this place! We have been attending the guppy group classes for over a month and the staff is so amazing and knowledgable. I can not talk this place up enough! The pool room is very warm but the water is also pleasantly warm so my LO doesn't going into it. She also has learned so much in the short 6 weeks that we have been attending classes. Love love love this school!
Yelp June 6th, 2015

Lindsey W: I am absolutely thrilled with my family's experience so far at Farber Swim School. My soon-to-be 6-year-old twins started semiprivate classes there at the beginning of June this year. Immediately upon walking in, the lady at the desk was genuinely warm and inviting. I love the fact that it's a very non-intimidating atmosphere. My kids' teacher is Josh, and I really appreciate the way he interacts with them. They are both not acclimated to water at all, so he does a great job making them feel comfortable but also encouraging them to keep trying. At the end of their first lesson, my kids didn't want to leave, which is amazing, especially for my son who has always been extremely afraid of water. I never learned how to swim myself and had accepted that I would never be able to. However, by the end of my twins' first lesson, I felt like if I was ever going to learn how to swim, this would be the place... and I signed up for lessons for myself! It's hard to explain how huge a step that was for me unless you know me and my fear around water. My teacher is Jamie, and she has been a blessing. She acknowledges my fears but helps me work through them. I love how she points out the progress I make. Also, her personality keeps the lesson positive and fun. I never in a million years would've thought I would be taking swim lessons and actually be excited about it. I finally have hope that I will be able to have fun in the water with my children and not miss out on it like I did with my childhood!!! Another great thing is I received e-mails from Faber Swim School after both my kids' first lesson as well as mine asking how things went, which I thought was very thoughtful. Additionally, the discount for paying in advance was helpful. Overall, I would recommend this place to anyone looking for swim lessons.
Yelp July 1st, 2014

Joe & Jill W: Everything went so well with our trial lesson with Mike, that we have scheduled Luke for regular lessons. I also wanted to express my thankfulness at Farberís email communication, on-line access, follow-up, access to drop-in classes on-line and ease of payment via the internet. You have made our lives easy, given we both work full-time and we TRULY appreciate your use of technology (and keeping it up-to-date!).
Email April 5th, 2014

Aaron D: We've been coming to Farber for three years, and have worked with four different instructors. The reason we keep coming back is because our kids get a lot out of the instruction, they have a very flexible schedule, and there rates are really affordable. We are looking forward to many more years of swim lessons and hopefully join the club as well.
Yelp February 14th, 2014

Maureen F: Summer is loving the Penguins Swim Team! I let Nick know how much I appreciate his combination of encouragement and support, with just enough push and challenge, to keep moving her forward without stressing her out. She did great in her 1st official meet last week (only her second ever) and actually came in 2nd in one of her races! Nick was right there with her and I think that really helped give her confidence. She is always motivated to go and happy and relaxed after practice. Thank you Penguins!
Email February 9th, 2013

Mindy S: My 4 year old twins have been taking lessons here since last summer. We took a break over the winter to take cheaper lessons at the rec center, but with 5 kids in those classes it just didn't feel like they were making any progress. We've returned to Farbers and they are back on track making impressive progress again. This time around I'm taking lessons too (convenient to have them simultaneous with my kids lessons) and I went from "could barely get across the pool" to swimming full laps comfortably in just a few lessons. I've been super impressed with all of the instructors, and truly believe you are getting your monies worth here.
Yelp July 16, 2012

Sydney P: As two adults, we decided to take swimming lessons at Farber. We are both very different skill levels (One triathlete, and one unable to even exhale under water) and at the end of every lesson we both felt we had learned, improved, and had plenty to work on until our next lesson. Adam and Kristin were very flexible, patient, and helpful. I highly recommend them for adult lessons!
City Search June 14, 2012

Wendy D: We do the semi private (8yo and 4 yo) lessons. My 4 year old is farther along now than my 8 yo was when she was doing lessons at the community center. The instructor Gavin is great in convincing my 8yo "with tears in her eyes" that she can swim without hanging on to the wall! I think it's all about fit, the right instructor for your kid. Looking forward to a summer of swim parties where I don't have to get in with them!
Yelp February 26, 2012

Laureen K: Patience is Everything!. Between tubes in his ears, fear of water and being deaf without his hearing aids my son was afraid of water to the extreme. It isn't easy to start lessons at the age of 14. We tried other places but never got the results or quality of lessons found at Farber Swim School. His instructor, Amanda, had the right of amount of patience, compassion and determination to overcome those fears and step by step learn to swim.

It's not an overnight process and if you have a child this afraid of water it takes time...but it is absolutely worth it to go to Farber Swim School.
City Search January 18, 2012

Anonymous: Can't Say Anything Better!. We love Farber Swim School. My kids are becoming confident in the water. I have an Autistic child who couldn't put his head under water before we started. Now he can jump in the pool from the side and swim back over to the side. Skyler is FULL of energy and can keep up with any kids. The kids love and trust him 100%. I know we will have little fish who can swim on their own this summer.
City Search January 25, 2011

Joan B: Best Swimming Coaches in town. Adam and Skyler are awesome. They got my 5 year old swimming the length of the pool in a very short period of time. My 5 year old is not only safe in the water but loves the water as well. Just a year ago my 3 year old would not go near the water, but with Adam's great coaching and kindness my 3 year old can now jump in the water and swim very short distances. He looks forward to his weekly lessons. Skyler is full of fun and enthusiasm and both my boys leave the lesson laughing each time. Wherever Adam and Sklyer go we will be following.
City Search January 9, 2011

Anonymous: Fantastic staff! Great instruction!. My 3 year old daughter can swim for short distances underwater and is gaining confidence in herself as a swimmer! My 15 Month old son is floating on his back by himself. We plan to keep our kids swimming in this school until they can play carefree and safely in the water.
City Search January 4, 2011

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