Take advantage of gaps in our schedule with a Drop-in Lesson!

The Basics

  • One-time non-recurring lesson (available due to a weekly swimmer’s cancellation)
  • Available for all ages:
    – Baby & Me classes (4 months–35 months)

    – Adult Group classes (ages 18+)
    – Private lessons for 1 or 2 swimmers (ages 3+)
  • 30 minutes of customized lesson content (Private Lessons & Adult Group) 
  • The schedule for the next 3 weeks is listed to the right. Submit an online request to reserve a lesson (PLEASE do not call the office to schedule).
  • Discounts apply for private and semi-private lessons.
  • Payment must be made as soon as lesson spot is confirmed by the office.
  • All sales are final! No refunds or make-ups offered.


Baby & Me classes: $22 per baby
•  GUPPIES = 4months–17months
•  MINNOWS = 17months–35months
•  FISHBOWL = 4months–35months

Adult Group classes: $24 per student

Private Lessons: 
Drop-in Rate:

  • 1 Person –  $45
  • 2 People – $54 ($27/person)

Super Drop-in Rate:

  • 1 Person –  $35
  • 2 People – $44 ($22/person)

Signing Up

  • Click on the blue “Choose a Drop-in” button to review Drop-in lesson dates and times.
  • Click on the blue “Request a Drop-in” button to submit a request.
  • The office will email you ASAP for same- or next-day drop-ins.
  • If you request a drop-in 2 or more days in advance, please allow 24-48 hours for us to respond.
  • Do not call the office to schedule drop-ins or ask about your request.
  • Pay for the lessons AFTER you receive confirmation from the office.
  • Close the scheduling form on your browser.
  • New-to-FSS swimmers will receive a Welcome email with more information. 


  • Drop-in list does not update automatically (yet!), so always confirm with the office that the slot you want is still available.
  • Payments must be made once the office confirms the lesson spot.
  • Drop-ins cannot be reserved over the phone.
  • No credits, refunds, or make-ups for cancelled or missed lessons
  • Dates, times, and instructors subject to last-minute changes
  • All drop-ins are 30 minutes, and back-to-back lessons are not allowed. You may schedule 2 lessons in a single day, as long as there is an hour break in between.
  • Drop-ins not eligible for any extra discounts or coupons
  • Swimmers not yet potty-trained must wear a reusable cloth swim diaper.


1) Choose a Drop-in
2) Request a Drop-in
If 18+, just write Adult
If 18+, just write Adult
Our Drop-ins go fast! To increase your chances, please list several spots that would work for you, in order of your preference. (Ex: "Tue 7/13 4pm Annie OR Wed 7/14 4pm Diane"). To book multiple spots, please list ALL of them in a single request. (Ex: "Tue 7/13 4pm Annie AND Wed 7/14 4pm Diane").
Payment is required, after the office confirms you are scheduled for the Drop-in Lesson. There are no credits, make-ups, or refunds for canceled drop-in spots.
Weekly Lesson Spots Available NOW