Below are our policies for all swimmers and participants in our events & programs.

We reserve the right to add, update, or change polices at any time. In the event a policy is added, updated, or changed we will notify you in print and/or email via our e-notification.



48 hours notice

If we receive at least 48 hours notice that you are going to cancel a swim lesson or class we can schedule a make-up lesson or give you a credit for the missed lesson/class (maximum of 2 credits issued per swimmer per month)

24 hours notice

If we receive 24 hours notice that you are going to cancel a swim lesson or class we can schedule a make-up lesson. Make-ups must be scheduled within 2 weeks of the canceled lesson & cannot be your regular swim time.

Less than 24 hour notice

No credits or make-up lessons are offered if we are not give advance notice of a swimmer being absent to their lesson/class.

Not showing up to lessons

If you do not contact us to cancel a lesson & do not show up it is considered a “no show”. You will be billed for any lessons you do not show up to, and you will not be allowed a make-up lesson. If you no show to 2 lessons in a row without contacting us you will be removed from your swim spot.


Participants can cancel a class by sending us an email (suggested) or leaving a message on our phone. Please don’t tell your instructors as they do not handle any scheduling.


We do make exceptions for medical emergencies. if this is the case please provide a doctors note or receipt from the doctor and we will be happy to give you a credit for the  missed lesson/class.

Showing up late

If you show up late to your reserved lesson or class you may use any remaining time in your lesson. We will not issue credits, refunds, or schedule make-ups for the lost time due to you being late. We run lessons back-to-back and generally do not have time to extend your lesson time to give you a full 30 minutes, however if your instructor has an open slot after your lesson/class they may offer to go over to make up the time (this is at the instructor’s discretion).


Billing periods

Invoice payments are due at the first lesson of each month, or by the 10th at the latest. If no payment has been made by the end of the day on the 10th, a $15 late fee will be applied to your invoice. Invoices are sent to emails provided by customers on registration forms, if you do not receive an invoice it is your responsibility to contact us to get one and to pay.



We accept exact cash, checks, and credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, & American Express).

  • We CANNOT keep credit/debit card information on file
  • You must actively pay your invoices each month
  • Returned checks are subject to a $25 fee


Substitute instructors

It is our goal for you to consistently have the same instructor each week, however sometimes a substitute will be needed. If we provide you a substitute no lesson credits will be issued if you decide to cancel your lesson less than 48 hours in advance, and no lesson make-ups will be given if you decide to cancel your lesson less than 24 hours in advance.


Leaving lessons

When you are ready to leave your recurring weekly swim spot you must fill out an exit form. Each family in a semi-private lesson must turn in a separate form. Forms are available online or in our office.

Billing for lessons stops on the date exit forms are turned in, or on a later date specified by the participant/parent/guardian on the exit form. We will NOT back date exit forms.


Changing rooms

Children age 5 and under are allowed in the opposite sex changing rooms. For our customer and instructor comfort, please do not bring children age 6 and older into the opposite sex facility. Family changing rooms are available on the pool deck.


Lost and found

Due to the large amount of lost and found items left at our pools, items unclaimed after 1 month are donated to a local charity.


Inclement weather

If we cancel swim lessons/classes due to weather, participants effected will be issued the option of a 75% credit or a make-up lesson/class (to be scheduled within 30 days). If we remain open and you decide due to weather not to attend, no credits or make-ups are issued for cancelations outside of our normal 24 & 48 hour cancelation policy.



Please allow 90 days for us to process refund requests. Refunds are checks sent to the address provided by you. If you need your refund sent to a different address please notify us when requesting your refund.


Multi-month payments

As a thank you to customers who commit to continued lessons with us by paying for multiple months of lessons/classes in advance; we offer 5 to 15% off lesson costs. Please note that payments for multiple months are not eligible for refunds, however payments can be placed on hold if needed.