Multi-Month Invoice Request

Weekly swimmers are allowed to request multi-month invoices. By paying ahead, they will receive 5%-15% off those months of lessons. 

2 months = 5% off
3 months = 10% off
4 months = 15% off

How it works:

1. Fill out the form to the right.

2. Receive a confirmation & statement from the Billing Department. The statement will include a line item with the 5-15% multi-month credit amount. This credit is based on how many lessons you are planning to take during those months.

3. Make a payment.

4. After the multi-month payment period is finished, you’ll receive an updated statement with revised credits based on how many lessons you took/were charged for during the period. (Example, if you canceled 2 lessons during this time and the fee is waived, then those 2 lessons will not count towards the 5-15% off credit, since the multi-month credit is based on how many lessons you took.)

More information:

  • There are no refunds for multi-month payments. If a swimmer exits the program, all credits will remain on their account until they are ready to use them.
  •  It may take 4-5 days to receive a confirmation & statement from the Billing Department. 
  • Multi-month statements can not be issued retroactively. If you request a statement mid-month, you will need to pay that full month and receive the credit starting the next month.


Select 2 months for 5% off, 3 months for 10%, 4 months for 15%.