These lessons are for children and adults of any background, experience, or ability level.

We run them during all business hours, seven days a week, throughout the year.

The Basics

  • Recurring swim lessons every week: same day, same time, same teacher.
  • For ages 3 years and older, 
  • 30 minutes of customized lesson content (no levels to hold you back!)
  • No pre-set sessions: you start when you want and stop when you want.

Private vs Semi-private

Instead of large ready-made groups, we offer private one-on-one lessons, or semi-private lessons for 2–3 swimmers* of your own choice (siblings, friends, etc.), OR if your child is 3 years old we can look for one other 3 year old “Buddy” for you.

Our office does not facilitate communication between semi-private or Buddy families regarding scheduling.

*In the past we have allowed up to 3 swimmers in semi-private lessons. But due to ensuring the quality of the lesson doesn’t change – we limit these lessons to just being with veteran instructors. 

Note: Unlike our Baby & Me classes, no parents join private lessons in the water. At 3 years old, students need direct interaction with instructors in order to stay focused, establish trust, and optimize learning.


Lesson price is based on the number of swimmers as follows:

  • 1 swimmer: $52/lesson
  • 2 swimmers: $64/lesson ($32 per swimmer)
  • 3 swimmers: $72/lesson ($24 per swimmer) (NOTE: Groups of 3 available only with select instructors)

(If swimmers are added to or canceled from a semi-private lesson on any given week, the price will adjust accordingly for that week.)

With no sessions to pre-pay for, our swimmers pay by the month (with payment due on the 1st of the month). There is an option to pay for multiple months in advance to receive a discount.


Click here if you would like to be added to our wait-list. We’ll contact you as soon as we have an opening that matches your request. Wait times vary greatly depending on your needs and availability; a typical private lesson participant waits 6 to 12 months for a spot. Once you sign up for a lesson, the spot is yours until you tell us otherwise. If you decide to discontinue lessons part-way through a month you’ve already paid for, you will be refunded according to the amount of notice given.

If you want to start right away, think recurring weekly lessons won’t work for you, or would like discounted lessons, try our drop-in lessons!

Trying us out

Wondering if FSS is a good fit for you? The easiest way to give us a try is with a Drop-in Lesson! Just choose a lesson off the webpage, contact the office, make a payment, and come swim! Then you can decide whether you’d like to get on the wait-list for a regular weekly spot.

If you’ve already been offered a regular weekly spot, you have the option to make your first lesson a “Trial”, meaning you pay in advance for a single lesson and then have 48 hours afterward to decide whether to keep the lesson slot going forward. If you decide to keep it, we’ll put you on the calendar going forward and send you an invoice for the rest of the month. Please note that Trial lessons must be paid for in advance and are nonrefundable once purchased.


For answers to frequently asked questions (like “What if I need to miss a lesson?” or “How do you help swimmers with fears?”) click here.