Baby & Me

These classes are for children ages 4 months-36 months of any background, experience, or ability level. FSS offers over 50 baby classes, 6 days a week!


The Basics

  • Recurring 30-minute swim lessons every week: same day, same time, same teacher
  • For ages 4 months to 3 years (must switch to private lessons at 3 years)
  • Group classes of up to 6 baby students (with 1 adult helper per student)
  • No pre-set sessions: you start when you want and stop when you want.
  • Cloth swim diapers required for any swimmers not fully potty-trained 


Age Groups
We divide our Baby & Me into two age groups: Guppies (4 months–17 months) and Minnow
s (18 months–3 years). This division is strictly according to age (and attendant motor and communication development), not swim experience. Don’t worry if, at first, your baby seems “behind” other kids in their group — it’s beneficial for them to see examples of what they can accomplish). Lesson content varies slightly by age group; see below for lesson content details.

We also offer mixed-age Fishbowl baby classes (4 months – 3 years). This is perfect for age-gap friends/siblings who want to swim together.

An advanced class, Goldfish, is available for advanced swimmers upon instructor recommendation. 


$14 per lesson per baby student

With no sessions to pre-pay for, our participants pay by the month (with payment due on the 1st of the month). There are discounts available for paying 2 or more months in advance.


Cloth swim diapers
Swimmers who are not fully potty-trained are required to wear a cloth reusable swim diaper for sanitary reasons. We sell the iPlay brand at the front desk for $12 (or $18 for trunks with diaper built in), or you are welcome to purchase one elsewhere (available on Amazon, Target, and most specialty swim stores). When wearing a reusable swim diaper, no other diaper is needed underneath.


Click here if you would like to be added to our wait-list for swim lessons. We’ll contact you as soon as we have an opening that matches your request. Wait times can vary greatly depending on your needs and availability; our typical participant waits one to three months for a spot. Once you sign up for a lesson spot, it’s yours until you tell us otherwise. If you decide to discontinue lessons part-way through a month you’ve already paid for, you will be refunded according to the amount of notice given. See below for a list of current baby class days, times, & locations.

If you want to start right away or think recurring weekly lessons won’t work for you, try our drop-in lessons!

Unsure about jumping straight into a regular class? Test the waters in one of our quarterly Baby Swim Clinics, special intro courses designed specifically for a group of brand-new swimmers (including babies as young as 1 month old).


For answers to frequently asked questions (like “What if I need to miss a lesson?” or “Why do you require cloth swim diapers?”) click here.


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