Below are our policies for all swimmers and participants in our lessons, events, and programs.
COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Entering the Facility

  • Try to limit who comes to our facility. If you have a child swimmer, try to have only 1 adult bring them, and please limit the number of siblings.
  • If you or your family are not feeling well, please do not hesitate to cancel your lesson. If you have a fever, cough, shortness of breath or have been exposed to someone with Covid-19, please stay home. Our same Cancellation Policy is in effect, and all cancellations must be made online. Feel free to email with any questions.
  • Hand sanitizer is available at both facilities’ entrances, so you can enter with clean hands.
  • Masks are NO LONGER REQUIRED for staff, swimmers, or guests in our facilities
  • Please remember to check in at the front desk when you arrive.
  • Please adhere to the 6’ distancing policy. We have stickers on the lobby floor as guides for where to stand. The chairs on the pool deck are spaced apart for ample room.

Wrap-and-Go Policy

To reduce congestion in the locker rooms, we recommend swimmers arrive in their swimsuit and then leave in them, without showering/changing.


  • Have your swimmer wear a robe or loose clothing over their suit, with flip-flop/boots for easy changing.
  • When they climb out of the pool, please make space for the next swimmer to enter it.
  • Have one towel ready to dry your swimmer quickly, and a second dry towel or robe to drape around them for warmth. A hat or hood to cover wet hair is recommended.

Forms, Payments & Questions

To limit the number of people waiting in our lobby:

  • Please fill out all forms at home (we’ll email registration forms or you can print them from our website).
  • If possible, make payments using PayPal on our website, or pay over the phone at (503) 292-1255.
  • As much as possible, communicate with the office via email or over the phone.

Lesson, Deck & Teacher Information

  • Only healthy FSS staff will report to work at FSS.
  • Baby classes will be limited to 5 swimmers max to maintain 6’ distance between swimmers.
  • We will limit the Beaverton Big Pool to just 2 teachers at a time. (A 3rd may be allowed in the far deep end to practice dives, but only if it does not disrupt the other 2 lessons.)
  • Please bring your own goggles from home as we will no longer provide loaner goggles. We do have Speedo Skoogle goggles (designed for ages 3-8) available for purchase in the lobby for $12.00.


We appreciate advance notice for cancellations, so we can fill open spots with drop-in swimmers. This keeps our instructors happy and busy doing what they do best – teaching! All cancellations must be submitted online. To navigate from the homepage, click the green “Scheduling” menu and select “Cancel A Lesson.” This will create a time-stamped record and help us cut down on human error.

With 48 hours notice, we can credit your account for the lesson price OR schedule a make-up lesson (maximum of two credits allowed per swimmer per month).

With 24 hours notice, we can schedule a make-up lesson.

No-shows: If you skip a lesson without telling us, this is considered a no-show and we will contact you to inquire if you still wish to continue. If you no-show to two consecutive lessons and do not respond to our inquiry, you will be removed from the calendar.

Make-ups cannot be at your regular swim time. You must have a make-up scheduled within two weeks of the canceled lesson (the lesson doesn’t have to take place within two weeks, but you must be in communication with the office about scheduling within two weeks). Cancellation policy applies to make-up lessons.

Exceptions: We do make exceptions for medical emergencies. If you can provide a doctor’s note, pharmacy receipt, or some other confirmation of a medical appointment we will be happy to give you a credit or make-up.

Late arrival: If you arrive late to a lesson, you are welcome to use the remaining time. At 15 minutes past lesson start-time, instructors are allowed to leave the pool before their next class, so they may be in the breakroom and need to be notified by an office worker that you have arrived. We do not issue credits, refunds, or make-ups for time lost due to late arrivals. 

Semi-private cancellations: Price per swimmer will adjust according to the cancellation policy. For example, if your semi-private lesson partner cancels with 48hrs notice they can be credited while you will owe more for that lesson (unless you also cancel with 48hrs notice). Our office does not facilitate communication between semi-private families, so please keep your partner(s) informed of cancellations. If you need to do a make-up for a cancellation and your partner(s) do not join you, you will need to pay the difference to cover the make-up as a private lesson.

Drop-in lessons: are not eligible for make-ups, credits, or refunds regardless of notice given.

If you are enrolled in a regular weekly lesson, we will bill you by the month with payment due at the first lesson of each month. Invoices are issued a week before they’re due and sent to clients’ emails as provided in registration forms. If you do not receive an invoice, it is your responsibility to contact us to request one and to pay. If you would prefer to pay week-to-week, simply let the office know and we will put a note on your account.

If you are signing up for a Drop-in, “Trial” lesson, Clinic, Winter/Spring Break lesson, or Special Event, payment must be made in advance to reserve your spot.


We accept exact cash, checks, and credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, & American Express).

  • We cannot keep credit/debit card information on file
  • You must actively pay your invoices each month
  • Returned checks are subject to a $25 fee
Late fees
We offer a grace period until the 10th. This applies even if you cancel your first lesson of the month and won’t be at the school until after the 10th. Payments can be made remotely over the phone or online. If no payment has been made by the end of business hours on the 10th, a $15 late fee will be applied to your bill. If you need to pay late due to unusual circumstances, please notify the office prior to the 10th confirming your intent to pay, and we will waive the late fee once your payment is posted. Please note only one late fee will be waived per calendar year.
Leaving lessons

When you are ready to discontinue your regular weekly spot, you must fill out an online exit form to confirm your intent to give up the spot. We cannot officially remove you from the schedule until the online exit form is submitted. Each family in a semi-private lesson must submit a separate form.

The regular advance-notice cancellation policy applies to lessons missed due to exiting the program. You will be billed for the lesson if your exit form gives less than 48 hours notice that you will not attend it. We cannot backdate exit forms.

Substitute instructors
It is our goal for you to consistently have the same instructor each week, but sometimes a substitute will be needed. If we provide you a substitute at the same time and location as your regular lesson, we cannot credit/reschedule your lessons without the proper amount of notice.
Multi-month payments
As a thank you to customers who commit to continued lessons with us by paying for multiple months in advance, we offer 5 to 15% off lesson costs. Please note that payments for multiple months are not eligible for refunds. Such payments can be saved as credit on your account toward future lessons or used to purchase a gift certificate which you may give/sell to someone else.
Please allow 90 days for us to process refund requests. Refunds are paper checks sent to the mailing address provided by you. If you need your refund sent to a different address, please notify us when requesting your refund.
Policy Changes

We reserve the right to add, update, or change policies at any time. In the event of a policy change, we will notify you in print and/or via an e-notification.

Pool safety & etiquette
Please be courteous and respectful to our staff, other swimmers, and facilities. We ask that all swimmers (including babies and toddlers) sit and wait until their teacher explicitly invites them into the pool. This means:

  • No standing by the water’s edge,
  • No dangling feet in the water,
  • No crowding around the pool handrail,
  • No playing with the pool equipment.

This teaches young swimmers that a pool is never to be approached carelessly or without adult permission.

Running and jumping is strictly prohibited on the pooldeck and in bathrooms. If an instructor sees unsafe or harmful behavior, they may require a swimmer to retrace their steps at a walking pace, deduct playtime from their lesson, or even dismiss them from the pool for 1–3 minutes of “time out” before continuing the lesson. Our instructors have the authority to dismiss a lesson early for dangerous or combative behavior such as hitting, kicking, biting, or throwing objects.

Swimmers should rinse off in the shower before entering the pool. This is important to avoid spreading germs. Please observe this policy and help keep your teacher healthy!

Changing rooms
Children ages 5 years and under are allowed in the opposite-sex changing rooms. For the comfort of our customers and instructors, please do not bring children age 6 years and older into the opposite-sex changing room. A family changing stall is available at the Beaverton location, and the PDX location has 2 family changing rooms.
Lost & Found

FSS is not responsible for lost or damaged items. Due to the high volume of items left at our pools, items unclaimed after one month are donated to a local charity.

Inclement weather
If we cancel swim lessons due to weather, participants affected will be given the option of a 75% credit or a make-up lesson (to be scheduled within 30 days). If we remain open and you *decide not to attend, no credits or make-ups are issued for cancellations outside of our standard 24- and 48-hour cancellation policy.

*If you are especially cautious about wintry weather or live in an elevated/hilly neighborhood that gets icier than the Beaverton school district area, please keep an eye on the weather forecast so you can cancel in advance if needed. We recommend erring on the side of cancelling early, as we cannot credit you on short notice if we remain open.