Winter Break Closures: Mark your calendar! As always, our regular schedule will change for 2 weeks during Winter Break. See details and calendar below.

  • December 1st–23rd: Normal schedule
  • December 24th & 25th: CLOSED
  • December 26th–29th: Winter Break lessons!
  • December 30th–January 1st: CLOSED 
  • January 2nd–January 5th: Winter Break lessons!
  • January 6th: Normal schedule resumes

Sign up for Winter Break Lessons here. Space is limited!

No Levels = No Limits!

Unlike most programs, Farber Swim School offers private lessons and doesn't enforce arbitrary "levels." This allows our teachers to tailor every lesson to each individual student's needs. Our students enjoy the freedom to progress at their own pace. They can keep building on basic skills while at the same time start pushing forward in their areas of strength. This accelerates the learning process, making the experience more organic, natural, fulfilling, and fun!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Safety is the first goal of any lesson. Lessons will progress from basics (like kicks and blowing bubbles) to self-rescue (rolling into backfloats to breathe, returning independently to the poolside after jumping in) to strokes (freestyle, backstroke), all the way to advanced strokes (breaststroke, butterfly), and competitive skills (flip-turns, drills, timed laps).

For babies NEW to FSS classes! Learn to swim the Farber way! Details and registration here.


We are always accepting applications for new instructors!

We offer an in-house training program to learn our unique approach to swim instruction. We also offer additional training to learn specialties: baby classes, adult instruction, team-level swimmers, fearful swimmers, and swimmers with additional needs. To learn more...


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