If you are interested in swimming with us, please fill out the below form with as much detail as possible. Please allow 1–2 days for a response.

Currently, all our lessons are full so you will be put on our wait-list. Wait times vary depending on your needs and availability. As soon as we have an opening that matches your request, we will contact you via email and phone. Currently a new wait-lister waits about 6 months for a spot. Be advised that even longer is not uncommon, especially if you are only available weekends and after-school times on weekdays. 

SUMMER 2019: All private lessons are currently full with a long wait-list. If you are interested specifically in summer swimming, try our discounted drop-ins!


Group swimmers: not sure if you're a Beginner or Intermediate? See the "Adult Group" page on our website.
SUMMER 2019: All private lessons are currently full. If you are looking for summer private lessons, try our discounted Drop-in Lessons!