Hello, and thank you for your interest!

2021 IMPORTANT NOTE: Currently, all our Private lessons and Baby Classes are full, with quite a long wait-list. (There is some upcoming availability in our Adult Group Classes though.) A typical new participant waits 4 or more months for a baby class, and 6 or more months for a private lesson.

The way our continuous enrollment works is that once you get a weekly spot, it is yours until you decide to leave (or your child ages out, in the case of Baby Classes). Many of our current swimmers have kept their same spot for years! We cannot predict when current swimmers will decide to leave, and we can only offer spots to wait-listers when a current swimmer leaves the program.

Due to our 2 Covid closures and subsequent staff shortages, as well as other swim programs’ reductions/closures, we are bursting at the seams and scrambling to keep up with the requests. We want to accommodate everyone interested in our unique program and will work our hardest to make it happen! 

If you would still like to be placed on our wait-list, fill out the provided form. Please allow 2–3 days for a response.

As soon as we have an opening we will contact you via email and phonebut again, please understand it will likely be a 4+ month wait for Private lessons or Baby Classes.

While waiting, all ages are welcome to take advantage of our pay-as-you-go Drop-in Program. This is a great way to test out our program and see which instructors work best with your swimmer!

Ages 18+ can just write "Adult"
PLEASE NOTE the current likely wait-time for Private lessons is 6+ MONTHS.